Ww2 Shaving

WW649 - 31" OLIVE DRAB Large Duffel Bag
as of 09/20/2014 00:49 CST

Soviet Russian Red Army WW2 Repro Shaving Kit Bag,WWII US Army Shaving Kit Superb with blades by AutoStrop Safety Razor,German WW2 Nivea Skin Creme Shaving Cream Tin. RM Priced, Ersatz Poland,Set of 2 German WW2 Ersatz Barracks Shaving Mirrors,WEHRMACHT GERMAN WWII - Shaving - cologne bottle (d),Original German WW2 Soldier's Ersatz Shaving Mirror,BURMA SHAVE Jingle Book WWII service men cereal box premium 1942 shaving cream,Vintage Military Aluminium WWII WW2 Personal Shaving Bowl 3,5inch Diameter RARE,WW2 US Issue GI Shaving Brush in Fancy ORANGE Barber Shop Ad Box,WWII Era Brass Shaving Razor,I.D.ied WW2 US Army shaving mirror with cardboard frame and cover,WWII Era British Army Issued Safety Razor Shaving Kit w/Canvas Roll Pouch 1942,WWII B&W Photo Soldier Shaving Another Soldier,WWII U.S. Marine Gets Shave from Japanese POW on Okinawa Original Press Photo,WW2 US QM Issue GI Shaving Brush in Original 1943 Dated Box,WWII U.S. Soldier Uses Combat Car Mirror to Shave during Maneuvers Press Photo,Repro German WW2 Soldier's Shaving Kit Leather Case RASIERZUG w/ Orig. Contents,Original WW II Army Officer Shaving Mirror With Case,WORLD WAR II C-RATION PACK GILLETTE SAFETY RAZOR with Original Box,ANTIQUE (WWII?) SHAVING KIT - RAZOR, BRUSH, BAKELITE CONTAINERS, LEATHER CASE.,Vintage WWII Lot of Bombardier Soldier & "Close Shave" Shrapnel -Papers,Book etc,WW2 ORIGINAL GERMAN OFFICER’S BOXED SHAVING SET,GERMAN WWII SHAVING RAZOR KNIFE,WWII ORIGINAL GERMAN SOLDIER BOXED SHAVING SET,